Company Info


We are an online shopping portal for Indian wear.

How many crafters make our merchandise?

80 Craft families from India work with us. When you place your order, we in turn place this order with the craft family who we feel will do the best job for you for that particular item.

Do you have special offers or discounts?

When a craft person or family does not get enough order for a certain period of time, they offer us special prices so they will get more business. We then pass these savings on to you. Only as long as they agree to do their craft in discount prices will these special offers continue.

Do you have onhand items ready to be shipped?

We do not stock any items. Whenever any order is placed by any buyer the merchandise is always made specially according orders.

These orders usually take a week to 2 weeks to be completed. We sell Indian crafts online to all world countries. Prices are listed in US dollars. Other countries buyers can pay in dollars or euro.We have a special agreement with UPS Express and DHL representatives to cater our international shipments. Express services are used to ship items in USA in very reasonable price to the customer. Most shipments range from $12 to $20 depend on weight. If any order comes from a different country shipping costs will vary according to the country it is going to.

Do we have to pay import duty on my merchandise?

No. We only sell Indian craft merchandise directly to the buyer. We do not sell in bulk to any importer. Your order will be shipped directly to you.

Do you accept donations?

We are not an organization and does not accept any kind of donations. We believe every person can only earn money if they can do hard work and do not support any kind of donations. India is rich country of art and crafts and it only needs to introduce Indian crafts to the world. If you like Indian articles and want to help Indians, please purchase from us and introduce your families and friends to the wonders of India. In our website we also give you information about this country and its customs.

We would like to welcome you as one of our valued customers. Whatever you choose to order, we will try our best to give you a product you will be proud to own. So give us a chance to let you enjoy the handicrafts of India and get us more successful in our aim.